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Hirsh Brothers LLC creates unique access to Real Estate Short-Term Investment opportunities for investors, at discount prices at entry, high cash-flow during the 'holding period' and top dollar when exit.

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Short term rental

Target Investor IRR

Investment Amount

Target Timeline to Exit



60 Month

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Investing in short-term vacation rentals is an excellent strategy for investors to gain high income in a short period, especially in booming locations, such as MIAMI. That is what the Hirsh Brothers focus on. We hand-pick below market value property deals we believe in and invest with you together. With little money down, we turn places into attractive vacation sites and rent them for Top dollar per night. 


Airbnb and other like-minded companies have built international powerhouses that help link travelers with unique, secure, and enjoyable lodging across the globe. While hotels, motels, and inns might not share AirBnB’s interests – there is one group that those home-sharing platforms really helped: Us, property investors! By utilizing those platforms, we generate even greater returns. 


Hirsh Brothers have built a unique concept that makes investing highly profitable and super easy.

With as little as $100,000 USD, you are in the game and have an average overall return of ~30% per year. Hirsh Brothers take care of the entire process for you. From picking the right property, financing, and remodeling, to managing and marketing it. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy the passive income stream.



Property price ranges from $500,000 to $3M

Average overall return (ROI) ~30% per year

Soft plan is to hold the property for around ~60 months

Participants per transaction range from 3 to 10

Investment amount set to $100,000 per Investor

A $900 signup fee for each transaction


Property Identification

We leverage the vast business network to source “off market” properties to strategically purchase below their real market value. With due diligence and smart financing, we create the potential for a high level of profitability for you, and meaningful, long-lasting impacts for the communities.

Construction / Remodeling

Our partner construction company plans, oversees and performs the construction, renovations and improvements on the acquired assets. Maintaining control of the timeline and budget allows us to protect and maximize your investment.


To ensure a high occupancy rate, we’ll professionally photograph the property, set up a direct booking site and list it on various home-sharing platforms, like Airbnb. Furthermore, we’ll showcase the vacation home on social-media to attract Millennials and Z-ers.  

Property Management

Our management company is responsible for the operation and management of the short-term rental after the remodeling process. This includes everything from retaining tenants at maximum occupancy, to responsibly increasing rates while also controlling maintenance costs, to preserving the property’s systems, function and appearance.

Capital Raise & Investor Relations Management

Our investor relations team has offices in different locations across the world to ensure our investment partners are taken care of (Israel, Germany, Austria, US). They will guide you through every phase of the investment, quickly respond to your inquiries and provide frequent updates and transparent account statements as they stay in direct communication with our head office in Miami.


Miami real estate has always been a good deal for investors.


Real estate is the most reliable source of income and wealth building, so much so that some individuals even make a career out of it. Gambling with stocks or depending on interest rates from a mutual fund account are slow to build and are not reliable.

While real estate can also be a gamble, there is a way to be smart about investing in the market and protecting that investment.

Prime Florida real estate with a great return on investment is not difficult to find. Whether you purchase a condo by the beach or a stunning home in a desirable community, the popularity of the area guarantees a consistent flow of income from tourists and visitors to the area.

"Miami home values have gone up 6.5% over the past year. According to neighborhoodScout's data, Miami real estate appreciated 102.59% over the last ten years, which is an average annual home appreciation rate of 7.32%, putting Miami in the top 10% nationally for real estate appreciation."



Visitors Per Year


US Travelers


International Travelers


Florida's Tourism Revenue collection


Avg. Occupancy Rate


Avg. Cost Per Night


Buy at discount / Below market value

Rehab / improvement

Cash flow positive

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